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Cultivating Connections


Vitman Counseling Helps You Connect

We all have challenging times in our life – disrupted relationships; disrupted employment: job loss, transition, and even promotion; grief and unbearable losses: death, divorce, illness; times of burn-out; feeling empty and disconnected, as we move by routine and long for clarity, direction, safety, and love.

These challenges and resolutions can be overwhelming, a paralyzing mind-trap that keeps us stuck standing still and disconnected

Through workshops and/or counseling sessions, Spomenka is a guide how to cultivate connections, deal positively and successfully with life challenges, and to nurture your life and your relationships with confidence and effectiveness.

Ultimately, you will learn how to become unstuck in your relationships, stress and anxiety, function better at work, cultivate new connections, and manage life positively.

Do you relate to any of the following?

  • You feel alone and isolated and want to feel more connected.
  • You are unhappy and struggling in your marriage or relationship.
  • You avoid interacting with your partner, afraid that the smallest issue will turn into a major quarrel.
  • You feel you are not heard or appreciated, and are exhausted from frequent disagreements.
  • You feel anxious, stressed, or worried and/or have recurrent panic attacks.
  • You believe that you are inadequate or inferior, and are not deserving of good things.
  • You are having difficulty coping with anger and sadness.
  • You recently experienced unbearable loss due to death, break up or divorce.
  • You are challenged with a major transition in your life (location, employment, relationship).

Therapy and counseling may help. 

For most couples, a happy relationship involves much more than an operational household. Most people want to feel a high degree of emotional connection with their partner. They are wanting to come home to someone who sincerely understands, appreciates, and accepts them for who they are, and who supports them in pursuing what is important to them.

People have many different motivations for seeking therapy. They may be seeking help with resolving relationship issues, cross-cultural challenges, self-esteem issues, depression, anxiety, panic, stress management, career or academic performance, parenting struggles, personal growth, and many more.


Many people discover workshops which are focused on real time challenges in a real time world of modern living to be beneficial. These are offered on a variety of topics using a careful blend of research, experience and theory. Participants experience a rich combination of insight, tools and tips for excelling in challenging skills, and comprehensive support material.

“The biggest impact on me was that Spomenka explained to me the brain, how we react and that I cannot change others. She always listened to me and said things that make me think about myself. Spomenka puts things in perspective and I feel I have choices now.”
Jim C.
37 year old professional, husband and father

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