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Everyone deserves a relationship that fosters genuine connection with their partner. 

Although not everyone has that kind of relationship, everyone can have it with the professional coaching from a therapist. You will experience a higher degree of connection as a result of a higher degree of skills. And, I can help you learn those skills. Contact me for a free 20-minute consultation.

We establish what your goals are. First of all, I need to be sure we are working toward the goals that are really important to you. Discussing with your partner what you really want for your relationship is the first step to rebuilding your connection.

I help you understand the negative communication patterns that you and your partner fall into that lead to struggles and feelings of disconnectedness. Hence learning to recognize the signs and effects that lead to undesirable outcomes is a first step in restoring your relationship to a strong and positive connection.

I coach you to communicate more effectively with each other. Remarkably, small adjustments in how you speak and listen will make a big difference for you and your partner to feel closer, more understood, more connected, and loved.

You will be asked to practice your new skills between sessions. Learning happens most effectively with repetition of learned material. Thus, this new set of skills will cultivate connections, improve your relationship, and help you and your partner feel connected.

Outcomes You can Expect from Our Work Together

Couples will understand key patterns which have led to conflict and distance. In counseling you will acquire skills to help you mend your relationship, build a positive connection, and keep it strong while moving forward.

You will develop tools to stop criticism, blaming, attacks, and the silent treatment. All of these lead to disconnection. Once you each learn to treat your partner with respect, and are confident that your partner will treat you with respect, the stress level in your relationship decreases and you feel connected, secure, and relaxed again.

You will feel natural and comfortable in your relationship. This often happens about 6 to 8 weeks into counseling. The new communication feels easy, normal and automatic, without focusing on the specific steps. You have established positive interactive cycles and connections, influencing each other for a healthier bond.

Couples will enjoy your relationship again, and possibly better than ever before. You will want to turn to your partner, for understanding, support, relaxation, excitement, and pleasure. Your relationship will provide you with energy again, not drain it. Your connection will feel positive and rewarding.

"When we, my wife and I, started therapy with Spomenka we could barely looked at each other, we were one step to divorce. And today we enjoy our life together. Spomenka gave us tools that we can use to help our relationship. She taught us how to communicate again. I enjoyed Spomenka’s attitude and that she go above and beyond for us. She were able to reconnect us."
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