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All Individuals Deserve to Live Balanced and Meaningful Lives

Having a balanced and meaningful life with positive connections requires individuals to have a strong toolbox of coping and communication skills which I can help you learn. We will do this with a productive, strategic process.

First I take time to learn about you and we establish your goals and objectives. You might have a specific goal in sight or you might require a deep self-discovery process. Either way, I want to make sure that therapy and coaching is tailored to your specific needs, and that we work towards the goals that are essential to you.

Second, I help you identify triggers and key patterns that contribute to your struggle and discomfort. Also, I will help you learn how to break vicious cycles of repeating undesirable behavior. Learning to recognize the signs and effects that lead to undesirable outcomes is a first step in rebuilding your life.

Third, I coach you in learning new skills. I’ll show you small adjustments you can make in how you speak, listen, connect, regulate your emotions, use your strengths, and with being more focused and present. These new skills will improve your confidence, energy and happiness in your relationships, connections, and life.

Fourth, I will ask you to take small steps and practice your new skills between sessions. Learning is most effective with repetition of learned material and when your short-term goals are achievable. In improving your life, individuals learn to accept, respect, and cherish your self, connections, and relationships.

What You can Expect from Our Work Together

You will learn to identify the triggers and understand the key patterns preventing you from leading a balanced, connected, and fulfilled life. In counseling you will acquire skills to help you decrease the problematic symptoms (depression, anxiety, relational issues, parenting struggle, etc.) and increase self-awareness, balance, and satisfaction in your life.

Individuals develop tools to stop negative thinking, feeling hurt, worried, helpless, and disconnected. Once you learn to treat yourself with respect and kindness, your self-confidence will increase, the stress level will go down, and you will feel secure and content again, or perhaps for the first time in a very long time. Connections begin with the Self.

At some point, you will feel natural and comfortable in your everyday life. For some people that happens sooner, for some later. You no longer have to focus much on steps because new skills are part of you and feel easy, normal, and automatic. Furthermore, you have established positive patterns in your thinking and behaving. You are feeling more connection within and around you.

And, you will enjoy your life again. You will want to do things you enjoyed before or discover new ones. You will enjoy your relationships and/or cultivate new connections. With strong and positive connections, your life will be balanced and rewarding.

“Spomenka helped me move more than anyone else. I enjoy different coping skills that she taught me, and I like that she never judged me. The processing memories was cool and it helped more than I thought it would. It was nice to have Spomenka as a part of my growth. I always felt better leaving her office. ”
Susan R.
23 year old student