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Providing Counseling and Coaching to People Who are Taking Steps to Find Their Own Way in Leading a Balanced, Connected, Fulfilling Life

The journey might be short with a specific goal in sight, such as navigating through a major life transition (unemployment, divorce, new job, etc.). Or, it might be a deep self-discovering process, addressing a range of other issues such as low self-esteem, depression, stress, anxiety, cross-cultural challenges, relationship issues, parenting challenges, and creative blocks.

We all have varied expectations, values and backgrounds. We are driven by different things. And, we are connected by different things. One thing that we do all share is a basic need to be loved, cared for, and accepted. When that basic need is fulfilled, we feel complete, inspired, and motivated to thrive. When that need is not met, we feel lacking, hopeless and stagnant. Sometimes we need helpful coaching from a professional to recreate balanced and meaningful living.

I value your time and commitment. You’re looking for someone who will listen, understand, and guide you regarding key issues in your life. Progress is best achieved when we relate to and respect one another, and the connection is positive. It is important that you work with someone who is a good fit for you.

Do you believe that consulting experts can help you enrich your life?

Are in the practice of seeking help from financial advisers, parenting coaches, or personal trainers to teach you specific skills? Do you view investing in expert help as a necessary approach in the complex modern world?

Do you operate best with some amount of structure?

Do you appreciate clear goals, coaching, and precise homework and exercises that provide you better understanding of yourself, your issues, and relationships, with ways you can improve?

Is personal responsibility a strong value for you?

Are you willing to work on your own patterns in order to improve your connections and relationships and your life? Do you also know that no one can fix anyone else, and you take responsibility to work on yourself and your relationships, in cultivating positive connections?

If this sound like you, my services may be a good fit for you. Please contact me for a complimentary phone session 

“I started therapy with a lot of negative presumptions about how it can help me, but for the last couple of months I’ve been blown away. With Spomenka’s help I’ve improved my relationships at home and at work, I’m more confident, I’m not afraid of asking and getting what I want and I can be sure that my kids won’t repeat my mistakes and will grow as confident and successful adults. I don’t consider myself an exception from the norm and I think therapy can help anyone that is in a relationship, which should be every human being on the planet.”
Tom J.
43 year old professional, husband, and father