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"When we, my wife and I, started therapy with Spomenka we could barely looked at each other, we were one step to divorce. And today we enjoy our life together. Spomenka gave us tools that we can use to help our relationship. She taught us how to communicate again. I enjoyed Spomenka’s attitude and that she go above and beyond for us. She was able to reconnect us."
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"I had the pleasure of hosting Spomenka Vitman's Mindfulness Workshop at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance in September 2017. My team was experiencing a significant increase in work-related stress and urgently needed training on how to cope with the daily challenges of clinical trial service. I invited Ms. Vitman to present to our staff after attending one of her workshops in Kirkland.

Ms. Vitman is a passionate and knowledgeable speaker who effortlessly engages her audiences. As a licensed psychotherapist, she brings years of experience from her own practice. Ms. Vitman conducts the workshop in a fun and interactive manner.

Theory behind mindfulness and skills needed to succeed were nicely presented with an abundance of examples. The participants welcomed her advice and solutions to their real-life problems.

In the last part of the workshop, the group participated in various exercises and shared their experiences. They walked out with new perspective on how to better manage their stress at work and improve their overall well-being.

Since the workshop, my team has been able to implement Ms. Vitman's mindfulness techniques in their daily routines and have found them helpful and relaxing. I highly recommend Ms Vitman's interactive mindfulness workshop for healthcare professionals and beyond."

Bojana Askovich, PhD
Phase 1 Research Administrator, University of Washington
"I really have enjoyed my time with Spomenka. While helping me look at some truths, she also teaches me to be kind to myself. She doesn't expect me to be perfect, is understanding of my issues and strengths. The EMDR therapy is a miracle, don't know how it works... but it's amazing."
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"I’ve been a client of Spomenka for almost two years. She has taught me skills no other therapist has mentioned to me before. She does more than listen, she provides the necessary tools to use through your life.

Spomenka is the first therapist I have had that does this extensively, so that you can make changes for a better life. It has been an invaluable experience, where you feel an actual progression in your way of thinking and handling life’s situations. Her therapy style is most effective."

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"Spomenka Vitman is a new therapist to me. She came very highly recommended when my longtime therapist retired. In only a few visits, my confidence in her engagement in my needs has been very relaxed and caring.

I feel very fortunate to have met her and look forward to our developing relationship. Her suggestions to specific approaches to my issues has been very insightful with in between visit assignments have been very self-reflecting."

Renata J.
(Yelp Review)
"Spomenka has taught me DBT skills in such a way that I have been able to easily adapt them into my every day life. Examples of the above statement include deep breathing skills right before a difficult meeting, creating a "safe place" picture in my mind when I am feeling fearful, keeping a mental list of my successes when I am feeling like a failure.

Spomenka has never given up on me. She calmly reminds me of what my goals are and we keep working on my perspective of my daily life."

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“I have had the privilege of working professionally and personally with Spomenka Vitman at Vitman Counseling LLC for the past year.

Spomenka is unique in that she is able to effectively communicate with all types of clients ranging in age, gender and cultural backgrounds. She is passionate about and effective in teaching communication skills between men and women and teaching her clients mindfulness, which can greatly affect how someone handles stress or anxiety in their day-to-day lives.

I have witnessed the positive effects of referring clients to Spomenka, and over time have seen patients blossom and let go of old trauma that had been holding them back.

Mutual patients have reported that after a session with Spomenka they have an overall sense of relief, knowing that they now have tools to help guide them through stressful situations. These same patients also comment that there is no comparison between Spomenka and other practitioners they have experienced.

Personally, I have enlisted Spomenka’s expertise on parenting skills. Those of you with children know that they do not come with handbooks, and she is a wonderful resource for offering new suggestions on how to handle tricky situations so that you and your child walk away with positive outcomes.

Spomenka is a compassionate, caring, empathetic, and highly skilled mental health counselor and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve his or her life.”

Heather Kettner LAc EAMP
Kirkland Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine
“Spomenka helped me move more than anyone else. I enjoy different coping skills that she taught me, and I like that she never judged me. The processing memories was cool and it helped more than I thought it would. It was nice to have Spomenka as a part of my growth. I always felt better leaving her office. ”
Susan R.
23 year old student
“The biggest impact on me was that Spomenka explained to me the brain, how we react and that I cannot change others. She always listened to me and said things that make me think about myself. Spomenka puts things in perspective and I feel I have choices now.”
Jim C.
37 year old professional, husband, and father
“I started therapy with a lot of negative presumptions about how it can help me, but for the last couple of months I’ve been blown away. With Spomenka’s help I’ve improved my relationships at home and at work, I’m more confident, I’m not afraid of asking and getting what I want and I can be sure that my kids won’t repeat my mistakes and will grow as confident and successful adults.

I don’t consider myself an exception from the norm and I think therapy can help anyone that is in a relationship, which should be every human being on the planet.”

Tom J.
43 year old professional, husband, and father
“With Spomenka I felt like I’ve been listened to. Her visualizations and drawings really worked for me. I am so grateful to her for teaching me how to keep my ”lid” closed. Spomenka acknowledged my progress and work and I appreciate that. I felt safe with her.”
Beverly A.
42 years old professional, wife, and mother
"I had a pleasure to work with Spomenka for nearly one year in Child and Family Services at Sound Mental Health in Bellevue, Washington. Spomenka possesses all the qualities one would seek in a child mental health professional, qualities which rarely come together so well in one individual. She is intelligent, empathetic, knowledgeable and flexible.

Spomenka is able to build rich alliances with both children and their families – an exceptional talent. She is open to multiple perspectives and is both culturally competent and culturally sensitive. She is a great team player and colleague, in that she collaborates so beautifully, takes her work seriously, and does so with a warm and playful demeanor.

In short, I would not hesitate to send any client to Spomenka for care.”

Nicholas Weiss, MD
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, UW, Senior Fellow, Public Behavioral Health and Justice Policy

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